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Atlas kicks was started by a father+son team

The story behind the ATLAS shoe brand began when I noticed my son, Atlas, took a liking to creating images with artificial intelligence.


One afternoon, Atlas was trying to put on a pair of my shoes, and I stopped to ask him:

“Atlas, would you like to make your own shoes?


I took Atlas down to my workstation, and we opened up an AI design program, and created our first pair of shoes.

Now, Atlas runs to my computer as soon as we walk inside and says one word:


I then pick up Atlas and we make shoe designs until he decides it’s time for something else.

When Atlas is sleeping, Dad goes to work and uploads the designs into our manufacturer design portal and uploads them to the website.

As his Dad, it’s a true joy to work with him and teach him valuable skills that will prepare him for the rest of his life – just like my Dad taught me.


Welcome to our little experiment.

Aaron + Atlas